Apr. 11th, 2017

Kia ora to anyone who is looking!

Today's Topic: What this is blog is for

This is a new blog I am starting at the request of a few friends. Lately I have been creating a few resources related to games, which means I need a place to make them accessible and to write about them. I have a few to put out over the next couple of weeks but thought that I ought to make a first post that explained a bit about why I've made a blog in the first place.

I'm an avid gamer living in Christchurch. I enjoy board games, tabletop RPGs and LARP.
My RPG tastes are more the indie/storygame style so I enjoy playing in games that have a narrative, improvisational feel and opportunities for the traditional GM role to be played with or gotten rid of altogether.

What I'm playing

Lately I have been running a lot of one off games for my game group's Theme Days initiative. The latest of these was Female Creators Day at which I ran "Deserting Paradise", a small game by Avery Alder about immortal punks sticking it to The Man. This game was a lot of fun, though the tone we created was rather gonzo, with a savage, blood-thirsty army of pomeranians becoming rather involved in the plot. I certainly had a lot of fun, and I believe that the other players round the table did too, though next time I would run it with less of a view to ramping up the action as quickly as possible to resolve everything in a single session.

Here's a thing

Not long ago, I ran a session of Ryuutama. I loved the system but wished there was a more defined way to use status effects in the game. There are six different kinds of status effect, which can be given at different levels. I wanted to have a guide in front of me to the levels and meaning of the status effects, so I had a think and put this together:

Ryuutama Status Effect Guide

Hope you find it useful!


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